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  • Dorisse Shakir-Ullah

Commitment to the New Year with Impact

My Outline for Volume 2024!

On a scale of 1 to 10, how easy is it to get caught up in worry, anxiety, and negativity in today's fast-paced world? I learned to set an anchor since the emotions can go out of control. Rather than making a New Year's resolution, I choose one word to focus areas of my life’s story on throughout the year. This quote helped me decide the word my goals will be anchored to both in my daily life and as a coach: 

The idea of living with impact, giving back to others, and cultivating a positive mindset for balance resonated right away. I envisioned how to use this as anchor or guiding principle with my values, gratitude and strengths, while weaving it throughout my story--“Volume 2024”.


In my view, developing one's own brand and advancing professionally depends on one's self-belief. I want to be a change agent by using my energy to explore more about who I am and assisting others in doing the same.


I’m passionate about serving others. I understand the impact that our actions may have on others, whether it is through coaching or just lending a helping hand. Despite retiring after decades in the federal government, I can't let go of the identity as a public servant. Personally, serving others is not a duty;  it’s motivation that fuels me to make a difference for the betterment of others and community. 


Life lessons can be significantly shaped by inspiration. I'm set to intentionally use my energy to uplift people by acting positively, believing in their potential, and being humble. It is key to maintain harmony with grace. When we motivate and inspire, we start a domino effect of transformation. Do you agree?  I want to set an example and remain open to opportunities by focusing my energy on thoughts of gratitude. I'll ensure the foundation of resilience and personal growth is positivity. 


The link between dreams and reality is action. I’ve learned that without taking proactive measures, it doesn’t work to simply believe, support, encourage, or think favorably. I set my intention with the YearCompass tool to ensure I put my focus into completing tasks and transforming goals into real accomplishments. Some are meant to stretch outside of my comfort zone.  A friend pointed me to the Ryder Carroll's Bullet Journal Method so I’m committing to stay on track by using this concept. 


The biggest goal is to dedicate more time and effort to loving my family creatively. They have provided love and so much support that allowed my dreams to become real, for which I will be forever grateful. It’s my turn to pour energy in ways to create a season of wonder for them to show my appreciation for protecting my dreams.


I chose the word of IMPACT and I love how my outline of goals for “Volume 2024” is organized, based on the quote and one word. I’m kicking off the new year determined to embrace positivity, believe in potential, serve others, and take actions to make a lasting impact. Moreover, to treasure and nurture the relationships that matter most. As a servant and coach committed to living with impact, I’m going to spend my energy wisely and with intention to write one heck of a story in 2024!


Tell me your thoughts on the quote. Care to choose one word to anchor Volume 2024 of your story?

Wishing you a Happy New Year! ~ Dorisse

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