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Career Forward Coaching

Empowering you to advance in your career & life's purpose!

Hi, I'm Dorisse Shakir-Ullah!

A federal career expert, coach and career strategist.

I’m here to empower your transformation where career development is your compass! Work with me to identify your talents and strengths, tailor your resume to get noticed, raise your level of confidence and be better prepared over your competition for a rewarding career of purpose and mission in the Federal Government. My career in federal service spanned 41 years where I specialized in Human Resources as the hiring manager and leader of the professional staff. I was committed to spotting potential and hiring the best talent for the government. Now, I’ll leverage my expertise to unlock your potential and prepare you for the next level.

Take charge of your career, tap into your potential and align your strengths to stay the course!

Book a discovery call today, let’s get started!

Dorisse Shakir-Ullah



Discovery Call

"A step forward, no matter how small, is a step in the right direction...

30 min


Your New Life Begins Here!

You deserve an opportunity for a rewarding career of impact with financial stability. People partner with me for their dream career in the Federal Government, for career advancement and for personal growth. Get ready to compete for a Federal career with IMPACT~ (Intention.Motivation.Purpose.Action.Confidence.Transformation)!

Life Begins Here
Citrus Fruits

Your New Life Is Waiting For You!

Career Forward Coaching

Your Life Starts Here!

Dreaming of having a career of impact in the Federal Government and advance your career to the next level?’s more like

Feeling frustrated by the federal hiring application process

At a career crossroads and looking for answers

Feeling stuck and dissatisfied which makes your job prep process unmotivated and unsuccessful

Your Life Starts Here

What if there’s a better way so you can...

Have a better future with job security, opportunities to grow AND make a difference in this world.

Career Forward Coaching is here to provide you with the support and tools to get the career of impact that matches your talents and align with your values. Take control of your career. Explore, identify and unlock your potential to get to the next level, personally and professionally. Invest in yourself; try something different! Schedule a call with me.


“Coach D~ took her valuable time to meet with me for weekly focus and encouraging coaching sessions.

Coach D~ provided written outlines of what to expect from our coaching sessions. She often provided free resources to assist with some of my goals. This demonstrated the depth and breadth of her interests and experiences. Coach D~ always listened carefully as I 'unloaded'.” She took notes, and always 'played back' my comments in order to probe and clarify what I was saying/feeling. I am so grateful for her.”


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Text: (551)-399-9802 to reach Coach Dorisse Shakir-Ullah, ACC

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