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Discover your future self and your worth!

  • Dorisse Shakir-Ullah

"Empowering Growth: Support is Vital to Personal Development"

"In your career journey, you're never alone. Let's discover your path together."

Feeling stuck in your career or just starting out can be an isolating experience. The path ahead seems unclear, filled with uncertainties and questions. Sometimes, what we really need is someone who is there not to outwardly fix anything or offer immediate solutions but to let us be encouraged with grace and respect. This truth is often overlooked in the constantly changing journey we take in our personal and professional development, where early career individuals and people strive to discover their core values and strengths.

As a career coach, leader and mentor committed to empowering others, I understand how each person’s journey to self-awareness and growth is different. It's not about forcing a cookie-cutter answer on you; rather, it's about giving you a safe, supportive, judgment-free space to learn about who you are as a human being. It’s about making room for you to discover your values, and to lean into your strengths as you prepare your future self to be the best.

Imagine having a coach who doesn't try to force you into “boxes” but instead encourages you as you find your unique path. I’m your partner and cheerleader as you take a step forward. That's what I'm all about: empowering your discovery journey while supporting your talents and aspirations. You deserve a space to explore an intentional path and design a future with clarity.

To succeed in the area of personal growth, you need the encouragement, backing, and interest of a coach you trust, in addition to making the investment of time, putting in the work. Your future self will thank you!

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